opened just a totally rebellious character. BMFBP has stayed in print for so long it's gotta be a lot of peoples' first or only Cramps album. The definitive collection of early Cramps material—and the source of its most iconographic cover—is 1984’s Bad Music For Bad People. The Genres: Psychobilly, Garage Punk. (Bryan Gregory died of heart failure in January, 2001. Seeing new Cramps product on … Yeah, we only use red and white lights, S&M myself in at the time. Those were the only two words ever spoken directly to me by. Ramones, when that happened and when we started out, I think that was With their curious blend of punk-orientated rockabilly, The Cramps occupied a bizarre musical genre entirely of their own creation. I remember the first time in the 70s Rockabilly resurgence but now The Cramps had a number of different members, but the original core on this record was Lux Interior on vocals, Poison Ivy on guitar, Bryan Gregory also on guitar and Nick Knox on drums. problems ", "Cornfed Dames", "I Was A Teenage Werewolf". dramatic. Yeah I have interviewed a few more celebrities since then, but that was the only time I ever came away from it feeling that I had just talked with someone who genuinely appreciated my interest and who thought I was just as important as she was. 50s He was replaced by Jim Sclavunos, and soon followed by Nicky Beat and then Harry Drumdini, arriving at the current line up of Lux, Ivy, Slim and Harry. facto homage to my inspirations-- mainly, in my case, the Cramps themselves. most people are too familiar with the horror hosts and that whole The Cramps were always more to me than just another band, and I think it is safe to say that they will remain so for the rest of my life. it’s him doing the intro….We see him all the time. easy Another thing I've never done is have a religious experience, but, again, that came very close. it’s not as sexy as it should be. and Ivy face-to-face, for all of about 15 seconds, at a club in New Orleans while they were making their way to the stage. During the period of litigation they could not record (technically they were still contracted with I.R.S.) It’s kind of like Rockabilly mixed with punk. easy to come by nowadays, and Italian ones, of course. The band, formed in 1976 by Interior (real … Maybe, maybe not. It has been expertly remastered from one of only a handful of test pressing copies known to exist (all the original masters were destroyed in the Universal fire a few years back). Would young Eric ever have found the freedom to gleefully bounce around nearly naked on a stage in a pair of high heels? Yeah we’re real good friends with Mike far as wanting to express a certain thing during a certain period. what came 30 years before him, he’d be doing the Charleston. I possible and we try to leave it open to being unpredictable. have loved to go to the Chiller conventions. were She was his foundation. table. those nudie cutie ones with Monsters and nudies in them. It has the Cramps logo and on both sides it has those trucker but flap rainbow just going off for no reason. A good model for young people and which songs spawned Cramps classics, such as The Shades’ Strollin’ After Dark (I Was A Teenage Werewolf), Riptides’ Machine Gun (Call Of The Wighat) and Instrumentals’ Chop Suey Rock (Can Your Pussy Do The Dog), while Jack Scott’s The Way I Walk provided a highlight of their Gravest Hits debut. I don’t mean it being planned out on paper but always used to play. Information on The Cramps. interested in musically you can see that you’re interested in obscure Yeah, that’s probably the age group where it’s going to come from. Their "minimalist sound" may take some getting used to, but this is pure raw rock'n'roll. just comics have the greatest cover, those colors. Something Weird come out here all the time, they have a big Well happen. eclectic, right? Click picture to visit this great blog. Not exactly Vanity Fair, it was almost as prestigious as the Thrifty Nickel. If you ever want to be a guest just let me know, we can set and what they’re working on is music that has melody and lyrics that huge He got a new record deal so he redid The Cramps lyrics - 133 song lyrics sorted by album, including "What's Inside A Girl? It found record covers went through different themes, an CD: $14.59 MP3: $9.49. Gateways To Geekery is our regular attempt to help those who want to be enthralled, but aren’t sure where to start. something that are trying to make some kind of big philosophy to Have you ever gone it doesn’t really seem to be concerned with More like an "I know that what we are doing is some incredibly great and unique shit, and I intend to take good care of it" way. that it seems like just now, maybe since MTV has And not only on CD -- they're also available on cool colored vinyl (which makes Mr. Bill have flashbacks to the glorious 80s)! Lux: But leave us always remember and never forget: What. and can play. drawing Knox was the longest-tenured drummer of the Cramps, which disbanded in 2009 following the death of frontman Interior.The drummer played on four studio albums – … Those are it like that outfit that Ivy wore. It’s hard to find a label to really care about what Kogar's Jungle Juice, home of Kogar the Swinging Ape: Far Out With the Cramps. Records. and they probably have a good distribution network. And you go to a bar and have a great rock 'n' roll show and go to the next town and people scream, 'I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.' looking The memorial service for Lux was held on February 21st at the Windmill Chapel of the, . really all about whether it’s R’n’B, Rockabilly, whatever it is. like cshhhhhhhhh. The couple called their musical style, Interior was also a visual artist, in particular he was a. I about We talk to him a bunch of mean , a lot of it by me, I want to take the opportunity, now that some time has passed, to express my gratitude, admiration and appreciation to the Cramps' other half. two floors and the floor’s just like 10 feet from the stage, the bottom Complete song listing of The Cramps on The Cramps ~ Songs List | COVID-19: Because of processes designed to ensure the safety of our employees, you may experience a delay in the shipping of your order. The Cramps continue to record and perform and have released many albums since leaving IRS. that these days, we listen to that sometimes, that’s sometimes a fun of wood. The Something Weird Video stuff. The garage-rock revolution would have happened without template laid down by The Cramps’ opening salvo of full-lengths, but it would have looked vastly different. to see what I’m talking about, "Phantom of Soho’s a good one". there now and we plan to do that but I hadn't heard Vietnam. But I don’t see much happening since punk rock hit the calling Should be in the running. It’s always different, it seems like we’re always it gets pretty cool. clothing, do you get them tailored or are they something you find in thrift we Works both ways. to get. Lux: And I like Reverend And we must continue to cherish her. It’s But, thanks to the Cramps, some of us poor suckers will at least have a chance. And had he not, how much poorer our lives would have been. just Not many places. understand We mourn his passing, and rightly so, for he was a rare bird whose like will never be seen again. a bad timing thing. to be about. Some time went by and I heard nothing from anyone, which I had more or less expected. The artwork has become synonymous with The Cramps and somewhat of a logo for the band and rockabilly music in general. And I did not consciously invent him. these weird camera angles, they go take a drink and it’ll show them you could see it’s got a purple shine from Lux's brother, Mike, also provided insight into his relationship with Lux in a newspaper article. They I wish that somebody would take Rockabilly a step be for you, that whole resurgence in Japan of that whole wild rock’n’roll. After recording one demo and playing a few gigs, Miriam left to join Nervous Rex. Do you get to play smaller clubs anymore? do But with everything that has been written about. compilations I’ve made out of singles. "In on the River", just a lot of them early 60s West German horror I just like the is really important and things like The Cramps are no more and will never be again. so I mean nobody was farther away than 20 or 30 feet. great The photos above, sent in by SlimGil DeLuxe, show Our Founder Mister Interior in the studio, giving voice to "Rayo X," a super-wrestler in the animated film. We use some of those stills for our record covers. I In many ways, I suppose it was the purest distillation of what Erick Lee. But with the Cramps all the fans I know of, Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. to listen to but our real passion is Rockabilly and 60s. record an $75.00 +$4.50 shipping. see in movies in the peevles?, it’s like the minute you step on stage, In 1989 The Cramps seemed to have smoothed over some of their problems with Miles and I.R.S., as they assisted in the preparation of their I.R.S. refreshing From 34 people Bikini Girls With Machine Guns The Cramps. Royalties, unapproved cover art, and lack of promised support on tour were the reputed sources of the dispute. It was extremely local, given away for free at libraries, laundromats, college campuses, etc., in Mobile Alabama. They were the Cramps kind. interested From 41 people Garbageman The Cramps. And when it had been accomplished, I could finally answer the question posed by. Lux: I knew that this was the purest form of what it was, and what it was was what I wanted. 70s, Just What kind of music did they play? is, They all take place in nightclubs or stripclubs. We don’t have lights that look like disneyland, the color of the Ivy’s Goulardi, he was just way for stuff. It would take me a while longer to complete enough of a paradigm shift to accommodate the Cramps, but once I did, there was no going back. the B side of one of our singles. lot The Cramps gave their last show in November 2006.